Full Dental Implants

Benefits of Full Dental Implants

With the constant advances in modern dentistry, dental implants offer another alternative in place of traditional partial or full bridges and dentures to fill mouth gaps. Since a natural tooth is comprised of roots, pulp, dentin, as well as a crown, the dental implant is comprised of three parts that begin with the introduction of…

Dental Implant

Benefits of Dental Implant

If you need to replace teeth that are damaged or missing there are many choices. One option that is distinct from the rest. Dental implants can provide benefits that other alternatives to tooth replacement such as bridges, dentures, or bridges are unable to provide. The top advantages of this new alternative: Reduces The Risk Of…

Pterygoid Implants

All About Pterygoid Implants

Pterygoid implant procedures are generally performed to patients who suffer from Atrophic maxilla which is a significant reduction in the size on the top jaw. This means that the upper jaw isn’t able to support conventional dental implants. Even if an implantologist were to insert an implant “root” into the upper jaw, the bone will…